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1)  Registering to use this site means that you agree to the terms of service, and intend to acquire an ET3 license.  Please register only if you are interested in buying a license.  If you want to learn more about ET3 visit for publicly available information about ET3. 

2) Accountability and transparency are vital for real-world business.  USE YOUR REAL LEGAL NAME as you user name.  The format is: First Last with a space between first and last and normal capitalization.  For example if you name is John Doe, your user name is: John Doe (not jondoe, not JohnDoe271, not john doe, not Doe John (unless normal legal documents list sir name first as in China), not netnut, not AnyThingGoes, not MyCompany, etc.)  Middle initial is optional, hyphenated last names are ok if used on legal documents such as drivers license, credit cards, etc.    All applicants who do not use their legal real name in the proper format will be deleted unless special permission is granted from an administrator.   There will be very few exceptions to this rule, and only for a very good reason that benefits ET3.  For instance if a company is acquiring a multi-user license and desires to use their company name as the user name (an officer of the company must agree to take responsibility for the use). FAILURE TO FOLLOW THIS GUIDELINE CAN RESULT IN DELAY OR REJECTION OF LICENSE.

3) You will not be able to complete registration unless you have access to your e-mail and we are able to confirm that your e-mail is valid. 

4) Most of this website will transition to licensee only access, only a few pages will be able to be viewed or posted to unless you buy a licensee. 

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