ET3 License

Why Buy an ET3 License?

We believe: transportation should be clean, green, fast, comfortable and affordable for all; and transportation must also be financially sustainable on a global level; and we believe that the time for Evacuated Tube Transport (ETT), a new mode of transportation, is now.

The ET3 License opens up the potential for unprecedented transportation effectives, cleanliness, comfort, speed, and financial and energy efficiency. The ET3 License allows anyone (who is legally able to enter into a contract) to profit when their licensed ET3 participation results in any viable ETT implementation(s).  The ET3 License allows the license to leverage a wide range of existing: IP, skills, contacts, materials, production capacities, and human resources to expand the size and profitability of the market for said assets. 

Please note that the $100 fee for the ET3 license is not an equity investment, loan, franchise, or security.  The purchase of a software license ( such as Microsoft Office for several hundred dollars) will not result in income unless you use the software to do work valued by others.  The ET3 license is similar, it will not produce any passive income.  The ET3 license is like a tool, it can only produce value if it is put to use, and even then, profits will depend on market conditions and competition.

Some benefits (current and potential) of the ET3 license are:

  1. Use of ET3 IP (such as our patents and plans) to build and / or purchase ET3 systems or parts of ET3 systems for profit potential. This use is subject to a 6% value added royalty (If you are able to use the license to make money, you pay 6% to ET3)
  2. Contribute to the ET3 intellectual property pool; if your IP is used by other licensees you will receive half of the net income that it may generate for ET3
  3. Contract to supply: materials, parts, or services to ET3 or other ET3 licensees (Subject to competitive bid among licensees, be sure to mark up any of your offerings to cover the 6% value added royalty.)
  4. Use ET3 infrastructure for transportation of goods or passengers. Any and all use of ET3 systems will require a license to help ensure responsible use (much like a license to drive a car.)  This benefit of the license will require payment of the fare to the licensed owner, and will only be available after there are licensed ET3 systems in revenue service.
  5. COMING SOON -- The license fee will include one year membership in the TubeBlazer (tm) club, including subscription to a monthly print TubeBlazertm newsletter ($100 value).  The subscription year will start when the club and newsletter are  available.

How much does the ET3 License Cost?

The cost of the ET3 License is a one time licensing fee (see fee schedule below), plus a 6% value added royalty on the value a licensee adds to any project involving ET3 IP (specifically any activity involving the implementation of an ETT system. Here is the fee schedule for all types of licenses (all amounts below are in US dollars):

Individual  License $100
Institutional/non-profit License $500
Corporate License (less than 100 employees) $1000
Corporate License (100-200 employees) $2500
Corporate License (over  200 employees) $5000

Because of the quantum improvement in transportation that ETT offers, very high ROI's on ETT infrastructure investments are possible.   The 6% value added royalty is a small price to pay for ROI's that could competitively reach or exceed 90% on the most favorable transportation routes. 

How Does the ET3 License Work?

The ET3 License is a contractual agreement to conditionally convey Intellectual Property (IP) rights and other benefits from ET3 Global Alliance, Inc. ("ET3" on this website) to Licensee(s) on an inclusive (non-exclusive) basis.  The License Agreement sets forth the rights and responsibilities of ET3 and the Licensee(s).  The main benefits / profit potentials are:

1) Direct use of the ET3 IP pool to produce ETT systems (or parts of ETT systems) capable of profitable operation in many transportation markets. (keep 94% of resulting revenue for profit and to offset expenses). 

2) Direct sales (to the direct users of #1 above) of: materials, parts, components, production capacities, skills or services needed for ETT implementations. (keep 94% of resulting revenue for profit and to offset expenses). 

3) Contribute to the ETT IP pool to share in up to 50% of the 6% value added royalty income when said IP contributions are used in conjunction with #1 and/or #2 above.

4) Earn compensatory shares of ET3 company stock by contributing to ET3 and ETT Administration, management, planning, marketing, and promotion.  Benefit from dividends and share value appreciation when ETT is implemented in conjunction with #1 and/or #2 above.  (subject to bid acceptance and share agreement) ET3 is owned by the licensees who contract with ET3 to help achieve ETT implimentation.

5) Underwrite sub-licensees to earn a 5% sales concession on any royalties generated by their activities in conjunction with #1 and/or #2 above. 

6) Contract to provide vendor services to ET3 to be compensated by a portion of the $100 License processing fee or up to 5% of the royalty income to ET3.  (subject to bid acceptance)


What must I do to acquire an ET3 License?

Register on this site. When you register you will enter your Licensee information: Full legal name, residence address, mailing address (if different), Birth date, Phone, e-mail, etc. (see privacy policy on how this information is protected).  IMPORTANT: have the full name of the person or company who introduced you to ET3 ready to place in the Sponsor field of your form -- this will help ensure that they receive proper compensation. Make sure you meet the minimum requirements (at least 18 years of age, and able to legally bind a contract with ET3, names on credit card match applicant names, etc.);  for full instructions, see next page.

When you have completed your registration, Google Checkout buttons will appear on your profile (My ET3).  We use Google checkout for credit card processing, so you must have (or open) an active Google account to process online.  (an alternative is to print the agreements and use snail mail). Make sure you fully understand all the license terms before making your payment. A link to the license terms and conditions for the license type is provided below the Google checkout Buy Now button.

When you click on the appropriate buy now button, and follow the Google Checkout steps, Google will process your credit card on their secure site (we never see your bank card info). After completing the bank card transaction, Google will send you a confirmation notice to your e-mail address; we also receive notice of the transaction and your license application is then processed.  Keep your payment confirmation for reference. 

You will be notified via e-mail of acceptance of your License application, and your privileges on the site will be upgraded so you can access and post forum topics and comment on others'  forum posts.  Make sure you provide accurate and verifiable information to ensure efficient processing without delay.  We look forward to your participation in the ET3 team!