TEDx Talk: An Introduction To The Next Quantum Leap In Transportation

Last week, I was honored to be invited to speak at a TEDxOjai event! If you're not familiar with the TED Talks, I highly reccomend you spend some qulity time on their website.  They are definitely all about "Ideas Worth Spreading".

So, after spending about a month building the Keynote and rehearsing it for a flawless performance, I was informed that I had a 10 minute time limit... Oops... It was currently over 13 minutes!  OK, no problem... I just shaved off three minutes of wortless time filling propaganda. (thick sarcasm) LOL

I re-up the Keynote to the shared dropbox with a new title as I would like to hang on to the longer one for other future engagements. I then tell the tech crew which one to queue up before my big entrance.  The big moment arrives and after the grand introduction by my friend, Danette, I take my spot on the stage to unveil the next paradigm shit in global transportation!  I'm about 4 slides in when I realize... they queued up the "extended dance mix"  What to do? Hind sight being 20/20, I did the exact opposite and requested a mulligan.  This ended up backfiring on me because when I re-started the talk, The audience joyfully reveled in showing me how well they had been paying attention by shouting out the dialog to the corresponding slides.

Luckily, that somewhat embarassing moment was short-lived and the playful mood evolved into one of child-like awe as the concepts of ET3 played out on the screen.  All in all, I feel the talk was successful in delivering the basic concepts of evacuated tube transport technologies while addressing the most common objections and misconceptions that tend to arise when introducing this technology to others who have never heard of it before.

I will share the link as soon as it comes available.  It will be interesting to see how the live issues translate to the video! :)