The secret of achievement is to not let what you're doing get to you before you get to it :)

Superpipeline for gas & LNG (via ETT networks)

Superpipeline for gas & LNG

Downloadable PDF file link here:

ET3 is Ready


  “Sometimes innovation is a matter of timing. A big idea comes along at just the moment when the technology exists to implement it. ---- But the main lesson to draw from the birth of computers is that innovation is usually a group effort, involving collaboration between visionaries and engineers, and the creativity comes from drawing on many sources.”

Walter Isaacson, “The Innovators” pp. 35, 85

'Get involved'

Dear collegues,

How do we involve people who bought a license?

Where does coordination of efforts take place?

How does decision-making in ET3 take place in order to achieve progress?

What is the strategy for selling thousands or even millions of licenses as that would render the funds to build a much desired demo?

Why so far did not one company that could add much to ET3 (e.g. in vacuum pumps, LSS) so far buy a corporate license?

How can we generate funds to build at least one protoype capsule for cargo?

ET3 and Poverty

ET3 and Poverty

What could convenient affordable transportation do for poverty? Provide a means to completely eradicate it.

ET3, Self-Driving Cars, Bitcoin AND Decentralized Autonomous Corporations

After watching the TEDx talk on ET3 ( ), it is becoming more and more apparent that the Bitcoin Network will play a major role in the development of ET3 and the future or transportation.


Please watch Mike Hearn's video:

Here's the slideshow he put together:


ET3 should and needs to be a Distributed Autonomous Corporation, right? 


TEDx Talk: An Introduction To The Next Quantum Leap In Transportation

Last week, I was honored to be invited to speak at a TEDxOjai event! If you're not familiar with the TED Talks, I highly reccomend you spend some qulity time on their website.  They are definitely all about "Ideas Worth Spreading".

Finaly got some one to listen

Heres the link to the news article I got after a long wait

We need to get this thing moving!!!!!

Hey gang,

It's been awhile since I've seen much movement on ET3.... 

I've always pondered the theories of transportation (especially the kind that can be done with super-efficiency in an environmentally conscious way), and I just want to reiterate that I find this to be one of the most brilliant ideas I've seen for a long time! 

This thing needs to take off! 

We need a short distance prototype to get this operational! 

Start with the prototype, and then it's time to scale this baby!

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